WRFG 50th Anniversary Wavey T-Shirt


50th Anniversary WRFG Wavey T-Shirt w/ 50 Years of Community Radio on back.

Across the front it reads "radio free georgia" the official name of WRFG.

Available in Turquoise, Red, and Navy Blue. Limited sizes available.

If there was ever a mascot for WRFG, it is certainly Wavey. WRFG didn't start off licensed at 100,000 Watts. Our wattage was very low and our signal was spotty — or wavy — only heard in the immediate neighborhood. The image of the antique and old fashioned radio was originally created by Dolores French, who worked for WRFG during our early years. And the namesake, Wavey, came from our signal being unreliable. The Wavey shirt, while retro, shows just how far we have come.

This short sleeve is Gildan Ultra Cotton 100% Cotton. The print is with plastisol ink. The best practices for maintaining a print you love is to hang dry that garment. Whereas machine wash with like colors is fine, constant heat from dryers can negatively impact a garment and print overtime. But -- some folks like that aged look too.

***If you are interested in coming by the station in Little Five Points, ATL to purchase and pick up merch, please DO NOT move forward with this purchase and contact [email protected]***

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